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There are times when you can feel the care, the passion and the promise that this is going to last. But then there are also times, when everything seems a distant dream. The care does not seem real, the passion subsides into something non existent and the promises seem as if they were never made. At such times, the very basis of the relationship is questioned. You start thinking and just keep doing so. Is he really serious about me? Is he serious about this relationship? Is he serious about the promises he made? All the questions remain unanswered.

Yes, you can tell if a guy is serious about you or not. However, before we proceed, there is something you need to understand. Guys are simple. If they say they are serious, they are and if they are not, they will never say so openly. But its easy to find out if a guy cares about you or not.

1. DOES HE CARE?: The first step of knowing if a guy is serious about you or not, is if he cares about you. His care for you will be visible through the small efforts that he takes. He will be the first person to come help you when needed. His shoulder will always be there for you to cry on. He will try his best to remove all the sadness from your life in any way that he can. He will keep checking on you after every few minutes and make sure you are okay.

2. DOES HE VALUE YOUR OPINIONS?: Does he value your opinions and judgments? Do your feelings hold importance before anything else does? If you have something to suggest, will that suggestion be taken into consideration before anybody else. Does he consult you in every decision that he takes for the both of you, directly or indirectly. Are you an equal part in approving or disapproving actions that are subject to both of you? If yes, the guy really does consider you as one of the most important people in his life.

3. HOW DOES HE BEHAVE WHEN YOU CRY?: There are times when all of us cry and all of us are sad about something or the other. At such times, what does he do? Does he comfort you with words and quality time? Does he do everything in his capacity to make it better for you? If he makes sure that you stop crying and smile at once, this is one guy who is really serious about you. If there is something he knows will make you cry, he will make sure he never does it or in a way, never lets you go through it.

4. DOES HE DISCUSS THE FUTURE WITH YOU?: Does he discuss his future with you and when he does, are you a part of it? Does he talk about life in a way that you both are always meant to be? Does he make plans for the future after taking your opinions and advice into consideration? Has he ever told you how he has planned his life ahead or how he intends to? Was there ever a mention of how incomplete his future would be without you? If these questions have their answer in the negative, it is time you asked him what exactly he thinks of you.

5. DOES HE EMOTIONALLY RELY ON YOU?: Are you the person he comes back to when he is down? Are you his support system most of the times? Are you the first person he would consult when there is a problem? Is it to you that he makes the first phone call when he is lonely? Does he discuss anything and everything with you, in all ease? If yes, then probably he is really serious about you. I say this because guys find it very difficult to connect to someone emotionally and if it is you, then there has to be something. Now you know how to tell if a guy loves you, dont you?

These were some hints, which if you observe properly, will tell you how to know if a guy is serious about you. 

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